The New GoPro Hero3 Review
Features of GoPro Hero3 Cameras: Black Edition Review

Hero3’s Black Edition comes with the most advanced features as compared to the other two models and still holds on the reduced weight and size to the convenience of its users. Even though the White Edition and the Silver edition share most of the features associated with Black Edition, it has a number of advanced and superior features that makes it stand out in film production and photography.

With its 4K resolution, the Black Edition has proved to yield the best films regardless of the associated speed of the body in motion and true to the word, no new HERO3 Black Edition review has given a refuted this allegation. Its recorder has the capacity to record videos at 1080p-60fps, 720p-120fps and 1440p-48fps, and the user can set the camera at 4K pixels-15fps or at 2.7K pixels-30fps for better quality. Its photo mode can take snapshots at 5, 7 and 12MP resolution with an incredible burst rate of 30 photos per second. The black edition also boosts of special features such as continuous photo capturing and ability to simultaneously record films and snapshots. With the latter feature, users can have a combination of snapshots and video films of 12MP-1440p24fps, 8MP-720p60fps and 8MP-1080p30fps all recorded simultaneously.