The New GoPro Hero3 Review
GoPro Hero3 Models at the Peak of Convenience and Quality

Needless to say, GoPro has made a remarkable impact in film recording and photography and have a series of prolific digital action cameras to their name. The most recent release has made their offers even better and has amazingly sliced down the size and weight of their HD Hero3 cameras by 30% and 25% respectively. As depicted by a number of new GoPro Hero3 review profiles, many users had been missing this feature in their cameras which was making it difficult to record videos and take snapshots without incorporating a third party.

While GoPro Hero3 action camera models boost of the high definition that they instill in every video, they have also proved to be quite reliable in capturing motion films. Any new GoPro Hero3 review and the sample videos embedded to it by users indicate that 4K and 2.7k features have added great quality in motion pictures. Better still, the small size and well defined mounting architecture boosts their convenience to users. Without any doubts, this is a versatile tool in the world of sports regardless of whether one is a Sky Diver, SCUBA Diver, Swimmer, Cyclist or motorist; they will have nothing to lose with the new GoPro 2012.

Features of GoPro Hero3 Cameras: Black Edition Review

Hero3’s Black Edition comes with the most advanced features as compared to the other two models and still holds on the reduced weight and size to the convenience of its users. Even though the White Edition and the Silver edition share most of the features associated with Black Edition, it has a number of advanced and superior features that makes it stand out in film production and photography.

With its 4K resolution, the Black Edition has proved to yield the best films regardless of the associated speed of the body in motion and true to the word, no new HERO3 Black Edition review has given a refuted this allegation. Its recorder has the capacity to record videos at 1080p-60fps, 720p-120fps and 1440p-48fps, and the user can set the camera at 4K pixels-15fps or at 2.7K pixels-30fps for better quality. Its photo mode can take snapshots at 5, 7 and 12MP resolution with an incredible burst rate of 30 photos per second. The black edition also boosts of special features such as continuous photo capturing and ability to simultaneously record films and snapshots. With the latter feature, users can have a combination of snapshots and video films of 12MP-1440p24fps, 8MP-720p60fps and 8MP-1080p30fps all recorded simultaneously.

Features of GoPro Hero3 Cameras: Silver Edition Review

Being the second most advanced model among from the GoPro new model (camera) 2012 cameras, Silver edition has so much fantasy to offer to its users. Not only will it be a versatile tool in capturing sport scenes, but it will also be a good tool to carry during outings and tours.

As depicted by a number of most trusted new GoPro HERO3 Silver Edition review sites, the silver edition only differs from Black edition by video and photo quality. As a matter of fact, some sports may not necessarily require very high Frames per Second to capture motion films, which make the Silver Edition a superb action camera for such film recordings and photography.

A closer look at the photo mode features reveals that it has superior capabilities to capture High Definition films as well as taking photographs at amazing resolution. For instance, its camera has the capacity to take snapshots at 5, 8 and 11 Mega Pixels with a burst rate of 10 photos per second. It can also take snapshots at a pre-defined time at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds interval. In addition, the comments made on new HERO3: Silver Edition review profiles reveal that indeed the camera recorder works at the stated resolution and fps ratings.

Features of GoPro Hero3 HD camera: White Edition Review

Being the cheapest of the threesome new GoPro Hero3  action cameras, the White Edition holds very fantastic features to the users whether in sports or for general use at a fair price. As denoted by trusted new HERO3 White Edition review profiles, it is a camera that is worth its praise.

Apart from the in-built remote control system and the size and weight reduction associated with the three new GoPro hero3 models, the White Edition has a number of features which are very specific to some needs of Hero3 action camera users. Needless to say, some people may not be in need of the very advanced features associated with the Black Edition. For this reason, the GoPro Hero3 models share the same function features that only differ in the quality of the videos recorded and snapshots taken.

Under photo modes, the White Edition has the capacity to take snapshots with a resolution of 5MP and at burst rate of 3 photos per second. Under the same mode, this model can take snapshots at 0.5, 1, 2, 5, 10, 30 and 60 seconds interval which makes it quite convenient to the users. Under video recording mode, it has the capacity to capture films at 1080p-30fps, 960p-30fps, 720p-60fps and WVGA-60fps.